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A collaborative project with HACER KIROGLU

The work titled Balcony.rar proposes furniture for French balconies, which are frequently preferred as an architectural element in newly built apartments in today's Turkey. This new balcony choice, which has moved away from the conventional balcony dimensions and function, points to a life model in which privacy and publicity are reconstructed. The installation, which consists of a one-to-one scale folding wooden table and two chairs cut and narrowed, is accompanied by Adolf Loos' book, Ornament and Crime, cut with a guillotine. The presence of the book in the installation, which offers a critique against ornamentation in all areas of life, refers to the decorative elements that accompany furniture in stores and catalogues.

balcony, french balcony, installation, egemen tuncer, hacer kiroglu, adolf loos, ornament and crime, akbank sanat

installation view

Custom made wood


Special cut book


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