Memory Etudes: Pilot


Computer generated animation



Memory etudes: Pilot is a computer-based animation that focuses on the gallery’s memory and encapsulates the recollection of the exhibitions, which took place in the gallery’s Sıraselviler venue, born from the artist's need and desire to know what was exhibited before him. While all the previous exhibitions before his establish the history of the space, they also form the gallery’s characteristics. The aforementioned characteristics play a role in shaping the audience’s expectations. Hence, the artist who is expected to hold an exhibition in such a venue is put under the pressure of the venue’s “aura”. The work fuelled by this invisible interaction confronts the audience with the prior exhibitions that are held in the gallery’s Sıraselviler no:85 venue. The video attempts to facilitate a confrontation, both for the artist and the audience, and a “Gesamtkunstwerk” that tries to present the gallery’s memory. The images and credit lines in the gallery's archive are modeled individually and appear together, side by side, even on top of one other, as if to remind us of working ways of memory's cumulative mode. This digital model presents a survey of memory in the 8 years between 2014-2021 with Pilot Gallery’s many exhibitions. Memory which is in the name of work references both the technique which was used digitally and the memory of the audience.

Screenshot 2022-05-03 212020.jpg

screenshot of the digitally constructed model