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Urn: Covid-19 did not take place

A 3D printable digital urn model


With the pandemic, remote and collective production models seem to have gained importance and diversity, such as the sharing of 3D printable face shields over the internet, using of personal computers as an additional processing power in the simulation of clinical laboratories. As a parody of this sort of production, the work attempts to problematize the need or the visibility of the body in a possible system in which automation and mobility increase after the pandemic. The phrase etched on the urn "Covid-19 did not take place" refers to Jean Baudrillard's text "The Gulf War did not take place".

egemen tuncer, urn, cgi, covid-19, 3dprint
urn qr code 4.png

QR Code to access and download the model in .stl format


A 3D printable digital urn model

Ø 12cm H 20cm

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